Recycle the Raindrops
Why we need to recycle the raindrops
Annie Anton Rain Barrel

Anne Marie Abbate


Anne Marie AbbateA resident of Chicago, Anne Marie Abbate has established herself within the city's art community. Among her numerous accomplishments, she was asked to complete a mural at the nightclub Enclave located in River North. Her artwork has also received rave reviews for her contribution to Reflect Cosmetics. Anne Marie holds a degree in painting from Northern Illinois University. She has also attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Visit Anne Marie Abbate's website or email her at vingt3 ['at'] for more information.


Quinn Anderson Rain Barrel

Quinn Anderson

Quinn AndersonQuinn Andersen is a freelance interior designer. Before receiving her bachelor’s degree in May 2008 from Endicott College in Massachusetts, she created interiors for hotels and resorts for the Chicago-based interior design firm Looney & Associates. Among the recipients of her exceptional eye and talent are the Hyatt Regency San Antonio, the Ritz Carlton Cleveland, and the Four Seasons’ hotels in Bahrain, Beijing and Denver, Colorado. Quinn lives in Wilmette, Illinois. To learn more about Quinn and her work, visit her website


Annie Anton Rain Barrel

Annie Anton


Annie AntonChicago native Annie Anton learned to love art by watching her mother, an artist, work on her art. She studied visual art at Fordham University. She has worked as a corporate graphic designer, and is currently a real estate agent in Chicago. Annie is an avid volunteer and a passionate advocate for animal welfare. Her website is She can be reached at anneanton ['at']


Connie Bacon Rain Barrel

Connie Bacon

Connie BaconChicago-based artist Connie Bacon employs a diverse media palette for her art, including installations, video, drawing, painting and digital photography. She has taught art at Columbia College, the after-school tutoring program Chicago Lights, and Fourth Presbyterian Chicago’s Center For Life and Learning. Connie is also a co-founder of Crux Gallery in Chicago. She is currently at work on an illustrated novel. Connie’s email address is baconconnie ['at']


Sandra Bacon Rain Barrel

Sandra Bacon

Sandra BaconSandra Bacon’s sculptures, figure drawings and murals take their inspiration from events that alter the natural world and leave their mark on it. She has contributed public art to the Chicago Cow Parade and the Washington, D.C. Commission on the Arts. In 2007 her work was part of Cool Globes Chicago, a climate change awareness public art project. Sandra lives in Lake Bluff, Illinois. She can be reached at sandra-bacon ['at']; her work can be viewed at the Chicago Artists’ Coalition’s web site at


Maia Belic Rain Barrel

Maia Belic


Maia BelicMaia Belic (center) a student at Brandeis University, expresses her interest in water issues via art. She painted her barrel with friends this summer.


Clark Bending

Clark Bending

Clark BendingThe color, movement and light of the natural world inspire painter Clark Bending. Much of Clark's artwork is painted outdoors in order to capture the natural light and color of his subject. He has exhibited his oil and acrylic paintings at local galleries; most recently


Clark was a 2009 artist in residence at Artcroft artist's colony in Carlisle, Kentucky. He lives in Elk Grove, Illinois. His work can be viewed at He can be reached at clinkventing ['at]


Alvin Blick Rain Barrel

Alvin Blick


Alvin BlickAl Blick is an adman extraordinaire. Raised in Cleveland Ohio he attended Case Western Reserve University in fine arts. He knew at an early age that illustration would be his bent. Blick came to Chicago decades ago to open up a branch of an east coast arts studio. He fell in love with the city and held positions at Fortune 500 ad agencies such as DraftFCB.The fanciful designs that Blick created for each rain barrel provide a fun and whimsical way to think about water and our relationship to it.


Aris Bordo Recycle the Raindrops Plush Toys

Aris Bordo


Alvin BlickAris Bordo is a native of West Virginia. She attended West Virginia University and American Intercontinental University in London before receiving her BS in Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising in 2004. In New York City, she worked on Broadway as a stitcher for the musical Mary Poppins, and she is also a member of the IATSE Theatrical Wardrobe Union. Bordo has worked as a stylist and dresser at Stella McCartney. She moved to Chicago to continue work on a 2nd BA in Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago. She'll graduate May of 2012. She'll graduate May of 2012 and can be reached at arisspring ['at']


Maggie Dolan Recycle the Raindrops Plush Toys

Maggie Dolan

Linda DoyleMaggie Dolan is from the suburbs of Chicago. She grew up in a household that was environmentally conscience, actively participating in recycling, composting and conserving all around. She is currently earning her degree in Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago and will graduate in May of 2012. Maggie can be reached at maggiedolandesigns ['at']


Linda Doyle Rain Barrel

Linda Doyle

Linda DoyleRespect for the environment has long been one of Linda Doyle’s major inspirations. Her submission to the climate change awareness public art project CoolGlobes Chicago celebrated the benets of riding a bike in the city. Her work has been shown as part of the United Nations’ Children’s Global Climate Initiative and the Peace Tower in Chicago. She is currently working on an art project about social justice for students at Highland Middle School in Libertyville, Illinois. She can be reached at paint4 ['at']


Beverly Fischer Rain Barrel

Beverly Fisher


Beverly FisherPainter and sculptor Beverly Fisher’s works exploit balance, harmony and color. After creating sculptures in bronze for five years, Beverly switched to acrylic paints to better express flow and nuance in her art. Her work has been shown at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, the Bloomington Center for the Arts and the Hopkins Center for
the Arts, all of which are located in Minnesota. She received her master’s degree at the University of Chicago. Beverly can be reached at bevartist ['at'] and her artwork can be seen at

Carole and Louie Garcia Rain Barrel

Carole and Louie Garcia


Carole and Louie GarciaCarole and Louie Garcia live in Skokie, Illinois. The brother and sister duo designed their rain barrel for a September, 2009 exhibition at the Skokie Public Library as part of a display to encourage water conservation. Carole is a student at Middleton School and is very proud of belonging to the Artists Club. Louie is a graduate of Niles North High School and plans to enter the criminal justice field.


Tiffany Gholar Rain Barrel

Tiffany Gholar


Tiffany GholarTiffany Gholar was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1979. She will receive her master’s degree in painting from Governors State University in 2009. Her paintings utilize disposable materials, such as bubble wrap and cardboard, to make permanent art out of impermanent items. Tiffany’s art has been exhibited at shows in the Chicago area, including the Square Foot Show at The Galaxie art center and Governors State University’s ArtsFest. Her work can be viewed at; she can be reached at tiffany ['at']


Joanna Glowiak Rain Barrel

Joanna Glowiak

Joanna GlowiakJoanna Glowiak is a self-taught artist. Growing up in rural Poland, Joanna became very familiar with rain barrels, which were an essential tool for irrigating dry soil. When Joanna is not creating murals and illustrations for children’s rooms, she works in home management. She can be reached at joannaglowiak ['at']


Gamaliel Gomez Rain Barrel

Gamaliel Gomez

Joanna GlowiakGamaliel Gomez received a BFA with an emphasis in sculpture and fibers from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. His current installations include non-traditional everyday scraps and deal with the subjects of mass, abundance and repetition. His work has been exhibited throughout Chicago and the suburbs and in Berlin Germany. He also has work on display at Harper College in Palatine. Gamaliel is a resident of Chicago and can be reached at gameart7 ['at']


Kathy Halper Rain Barrel

Kathy Halper


Kathy Halper“Most of my work has figurative elements. I decided to paint the barrel to look like it contained pool water and people were swimming around it.” In 2008 Kathy participated in Artropolis - The Artist Project - in Chicago . She had a solo exhibit at The Union League Club of Chicago and was also in the exhibit “CAC Artists Around Town” at the Beverly Arts Center. To see more of her artwork visit her website at or email kathy ['at'] for more information.


Arica Hilton Rain Barrel

Arica Hilton


Kathy HalperArica Hilton's interest lies in the expression of light and shadow, in the infinite and inexhaustible combinations of a visually aesthetic and spiritual language that transcends worlds. Specifically, Hilton explores free organic forms through the layering and sensual deployment of color, as well as to bring pleasure to the eye by evoking the rich, spectral underpinnings of the simplicity and richness of the earth and its universal counterparts. Arica can be reached at


Kamelia Hristeva Rain Barrel

Kamelia Hristeva

Kamelia Hristeva Chicago-based artist and organizer Kamelia Hristeva is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity and protecting the Earth. Kamelia co-founded the Green Star Movement, a nonprofit that facilitates the creation of murals by Chicago-area students. The murals celebrate diversity, urban life and the natural environment. Her paintings and exhibitions have been shown at the Chicago Art Open, Lollapalooza, and the Effe Leven Gallery in Chicago. She can be reached at kamelia ['at'] Her web site is


Judith Joseph Rain Barrel

Judith Joseph

Judith Joseph Judith Joseph is a Chicago-area artist. Her specialty is illuminated manuscripts, specically the Ketubah (Hebrew marriage contract). She has created hundreds of Ketubot and other illustrated calligraphic works for commissions, as well as paintings and installation works, which she exhibits widely. Her works are in many public and private collections, including the Chicago Public Library, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and Respect And Tolerance Foundation (Czech Republic). She is a published illustrator and a two-time recipient of the Illinois Arts Council Artists’ Fellowship Award. She teaches painting at the Chicago Botanic Garden and The Art Center, Highland Park. To see more of her artwork visit her website at or email judithstudio ['at'] for more information.


Jennifer Kernica Rain Barrel

Jennifer Kernica


Jennifer KernicaJennifer Kernica is a Chicago artist with a passion for illustration, design and portraiture. She has a BFA in illustration, and has been active in the publishing and design industry as an art director and designer for over eight years. This year she began drawing illustrations that range from quirky-odd to whimsically-sweet. She works both digitally and with mixed media. Jennifer’s goal is to reach people she may never have the opportunity to meet and make them smile. Her website is She can be reached at kernica ['at']


Carol Krofl Rain Barrel

Carol Krofl

Carol KroflCarol Krofl, B.A., Univ of Ill Chicago, decorative artist, has painted murals in residences and other organizatons as well scenery for local theatre groups. She has also worked with children on murals, play scenery and other art-related projects. To contact Carol please email her at


Rebecca Leehey Rain Barrel

Rebecca Leehey

Rebecca LeeheyRebecca Leehey is a skilled artist and photographer and has been interested in art throughout her life. She is known around her town of Forest Park, IL for painting rain barrels, and has received four commissions for barrels this summer. She attends the Art Institute of Chicago. Rebecca also volunteers at the Oak Park Art League. She can be reached at rleehey ['at']


Baila Miller Rain Barrel

Baila Miller


Baila MillerChicago-based artist Baila Miller began painting in 2000 after retiring from a professorship in gerontology and social work at Case Western Reserve University. The colors, textures, and layers found in her paintings reflect the struggle to resolve the consequences of chance events in people’s lives and their environment. Baila’s paintings have been exhibited at galleries in Chicago, Skokie, and Evanston, Illinois. Her work can be viewed at Her email address is bailmam ['at']


Jean Nerenberg Rain Barrel

Jean Nerenberg

Jean NerenbergPainter Jean Nerenberg creates abstract watercolors that transcend the usual landscape form. Her newest series of paintings are inspired by Jean’s interest in astronomical ideas, such as mankind’s attempts to find order and meaning in the stars. Her work has been exhibited at galleries in the Chicago area and in Tucson, Arizona. She received her art education from Northwestern University and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Jean’s work can be viewed at; she can be reached at jean ['at']

Danail Ochkov Rain Barrel

Danail Ochkov


Danail OchkovDanail Ochkov is a Chicago-based artist who received his fine art training in Bulgaria. He works exclusively in the portrait, gurative, and wildlife genres. His work has been featured in a various exhibitions around the world; in 2008 the Boeing Gallery in Pretoria, South Africa, mounted a solo exhibition of his work. He was named Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009 by the Mall Galleries in London. His work can be viewed at He can be reached at d_ochkov2002 ['at']


Sara Perez Recycle the Raindrops Plush Toy

Sara Perez


Sara PerezSara Perez earned her B.F.A. in Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago. Perez’s accessory line, Little Blue Bay, uses upcycled materials and vintage finds, under the mindset that each piece created should be sustainable and have its own story. Perez began her endeavors in the art world as a dancer, which influences her work through a unique perspective of the human body in motion. Her style combines movement with careful attention to the emotion and effect of her design on the wearer, creating a translation of the seemingly mundane into an ethereal experience. Sara can be reached at


Maggie Puckett Rain Barrel

Maggie Puckett

Maggie PuckettMaggie Puckett’s artwork dwells on imaginary reconstructions of natural environments and time periods.Her work explores the relationships between humans and animals and their environments. Her small-scale drawings,prints and books are inspired by illuminated manuscripts,children’s books, and medieval and 19th century prints. She graduated from New York University in 2004 with a degree in studio art. She is currently a MFA candidate at Columbia College in Chicago. Her website is She can be reached at maggie.puckett ['at']

Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles Rain Barrel

Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles

Cheryl Reynolds-FeflesCheryl Reynolds-Fefles is a Chicago-based teacher and artist. While she has worked in a variety of media, she currently creates sculptures and functional objects from textiles using the Japanese nuno felting technique. The method combines the felting process with open-weave fabrics to make a lightweight textile. Her work can be viewed at her Etsy website, and she can be reached at wind.over.mountain.designs ['at']

Lee Tracy Rain Barrel


Lee TracyIf it’s garbage or re-cyclable (plastics, tin metal or styrofoam) and useless, this artist will give it life! Chicago artist “Romualdo” has been creating whimsical art forms he calls “Gar-Bots” from garbage. His art has been displayed at the Chicago MCA , the Museum of Science and Industry and various galleries and fairs in the Chicagoland area. He has been featured on the WLS TV news segment “Harry Porterfield’s Someone You Should Know.” He can be reached at 312.342.6058.

Nancy Segal Rain Barrel

Nancy Segal


Nancy SegalNancy Segal is a jewelry designer and mixed media artist. To create a strong, colorful folk art inuence she often uses vintage items as well as found "junk" from streets and alleys. Segal received a BFA from Washington University of Fine Arts. She worked in advertising before she opened Nancy Segal Designs. Segal has exhibited at The Evanston Art Center, The Art Center of Highland Park, and Gallery 659 in Glencoe. She can be reached at nwsegal ['at']


Joshua Siegal Rain Barrel

Joshua Siegal

Joshua SiegalJoshua Siegal is an interactive media artist, writer and musician living in Chicago. Joshua’s work focuses on physics, politics, and spirituality. He received his MFA in interdisciplinary arts and media from Columbia College in 2007. Alongside his video and sound work for Chicago-area theaters, he is a contributor to Whitehot magazine and plays in the Chicago band The Opposition Party. He can be reached at joshuasiegal ['at'] His work can be viewed at

Peter Steeves Rain Barrel

Peter Steeves


Peter SteevesPeter Steeves has exhibited his work throughout the Chicago area, as well as at the Free Artisans Gallery in Michigan City, Indiana, and the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois. His landscapes and portraits merge elements of realism with postmodernism and surrealism. He lives on a small farm in Northwest Indiana with his family and a menagerie of animals. His work can be viewed at; he can be reached at psteeves306 ['at']


Lee Tracy Rain Barrel

Lee Tracy

Lee TracyLee Tracy is a Chicago-based artist who works in a variety of media: public art, installations, painting, and books. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Tracy has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, and was a mentor for children at the after-school program the PEACH Club. Her most recent exhibition took place in 2008 at the Evanston Art Center. Tracy’s current work focuses on the environment and the depletion of air, water and forest resources. Her website is; she can be reached at lee ['at']

Alexandra VanLemmeren Rain Barrel

Alexandra VanLemmeren

Alexandra Van LemmereAlexandra VanLemmeren, born and raised in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, has been painting and making art since she was a child. Alex moved to Chicago and received her BFA, with a minor in art history, from Columbia College in Chicago. Her vibrant work expresses her love for the textures, shapes and colors of the natural world. She works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, jewelry and photography. She can be reached at a.vanlemmeren ['at']

Vivian Visser Rain Barrel

Vivian Visser


Vivian VisserVivian Visser is an environmental artist, teacher and certified urban arborist. Her art uses natural materials to convey the spiritual power of nature. Her sculptures often take the form of a shelter or vessel, embodying the desire to retreat into a comforting environment. Vivian has exhibited her work in Chicago-area galleries as well as in the Cool Globes project. She can be reached at vivianvisser ['at'] Her website is


Amy Zucker

Amy Zucker

Amy ZuckerChicago-based artist Amy Zucker works primarily in installation and sculpture. She graduated with a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the University of Chicago. Amy's work is often a reflection of her more than twenty years of experience as a registered nurse specializing in the care of older adults. Amy has been a working member and a member of the board of ARC Gallery in Chicago, one of the first and longest-running women's cooperative galleries in the country. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her art can be viewed at; she can be reached at zuckster ['at']