Recycle the Raindrops
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Interested in rain barrel community outreach? (parks, libraries, schools, families....) Contact us for more information.


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Debra Shore

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Cook County Residents
To order a rain barrel, visit the
Rain Barrel FACTS! page on the MWRD website.

Debra Shore, Commissioner, is a pioneer in Chicago and Cook County water conservation and wastewater management.

Visit the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District website for more information.

Chicago Center for Green Tech

Chicago Center for Green Tech



445 N. Sacramento Blvd. (between Lake St. and Chicago Ave.)
Chicago, IL 60612     Tel. (312) 746-9642


Visit the Chicago Center for Green Tech website for more information.

Natural Resources

Chicago Rain Barrel Resources

Attend one of the City's Sustainable Backyard Workshops to learn about how to install and maintain a rain barrel and compost bin and receive a rebate form for each.

Visit the Natural Resources and Water Quality page of the City of Chicago website for more information.

Water Reclamation Facilities

Illinois Residents outside of greater Chicago area

For Illinois residents outside of the greater Chicago area, contact your local Water Reclamation District offices or area retail stores such as Menard’s, Whole Foods, Ace Hardware and local nurseries. Barrels sold at these retailers may be more expensive, but they can also be good resources for finding the rain barrel that’s right for you.


Rain Barrel Resources

How to Install and Maintain a Rain Barrel

Learn the steps to installing and maintaining a rain barrel on the City of Chicago's web site, including placement, setup and tips on preventing mosquitos.


Visit the City of Chicago's How to Install and Maintain a Rain Barrel page.


2010 Teacher Institute

University of Chicago's Center for International Studies
2010 Teacher Institute

WATER An Interdisciplinary Examination of the World’s Most Essential Resource
Lesson plans and links
2010 Teacher Institute

Includes Powerpoint presentations, K-12 Lesson plans, additional links and lessons

Visit the 2010 Teacher Institute section of the Center for International Stuides website for more information.

The average American uses 80-100 gallons of water per day. One inch of rainfall on a typical residential roof can produce 625 gallons of water; that's enough to fill 11 rain barrels. Illinois typically receives 36 inches of rainfall a year, which can fill a 55 gallon rain barrel, 400 times per year!

SOURCE: State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources