Recycle the Raindrops
Why we need to recycle the raindrops

Recycling rain with rain barrels is a way you can help relieve the stress on our waste treatment facilities, help reduce water consumption, and help control flooding. In the next century, as the world’s population swells, conserving water will become ever more important.


OVER 40% of our purified household water goes to lawns and gardening. Rain barrels offer a greener way to keep things green.




  • Turn off tap water while brushing your teeth
  • Fix leaky faucets and toilets
  • Always wash full loads of dishes and clothes
  • Dishwashers are more efficient than handwashing
  • Install water-efficient showers and toilets

According to the Chicago Department of Water Management, the city purifies nearly one billion gallons of water per day for the Chicago area, and less than one percent of that water is renewed.